10 Free WordPress Plugins You Need To Have On Your Website

To run a website smoothly, you may not consider having a lot of wordpress plugins on your website. As the number of plugins increases, it affects the speed of the website. Yes, you can conquer all that if you know how to do that. But on the other hand, plugins are like the most essential elements of a WordPress website. Apart from best WordPress hosting which is required for good speed, also consider adding some plugins for a smooth run. 

wordpress plugins

Let us understand this more clearly. WordPress plugins are like, let us say applications of a WordPress website. You install it and the plugin will do its work, that’s it. Some plugins are configured automatically on install and some need to change a bit in terms of settings. You can always play around with the setting a bit to understand the changes it will do.

Now I am going to include some essential plugins that you can consider to install on your website. Why would you need to install these? Well, that’s simple, because these will reduce your work and add some automation on your site. So you don’t have to worry about anything and keep checking your site functionality every time.

So without further due, let us jump to the list of top 10 WordPress plugins that you need to have on your website.

If you don’t know about SEO, It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Google doesn’t know how to reach your website, so with a plugin like Rank Math SEO you can optimize your website for google. With a plugin like this you can tell google that hey, this is how my website is structured. Then Google can rank you on top but the ranking is not that easy. 

Many people prefer the Yoast SEO plugin which is no. 1 SEO Plugin. It is also a good choice as it is no. 1 for a reason but Rank Math Offers much more for free than Yoast SEO. One of the main differences is that Yoast offers only one keyword with the free plugin but with Rank Math, you can add more than one keyword. 

A time-saving plugin for websites such as a blog, business, etc. If you want to have the same type of multiple pages or just need some minor changes, duplicate page plugin is for you. With this plugin installed, you can duplicate pages and posts, then edit them as per your requirements. In this way, you do not have to start everything from scratch. 

A manage wp plugin lets you manage all your websites in one place with ease. You can update all plugins with just a single click. It can also generate your site performance report. They also provide a backup facility. Isn’t it good that instead of login to a site individually, you can manage all in one place? 

A great wordpress plugin to protect your site from most of the spam. If you have a contact form or certain email addresses link to your site, then definitely you do want an antispam bee to keep most of the spam out. It is also a very lightweight plugin to keep your website faster.

One of the main security plugin for your WordPress website. This is of course a security plugin that will keep the people you don’t want on your website out of it. They will send you an email if any unusual activity is found on your website and also do not let it happen. In this way, your site will be protected to the most. The good thing about this plugin is that it will not affect your website load speed.

If you run a WordPress website, you want to know about the visitors visiting your website. Analytics gives you the interface where you can check the user activity details on your WordPress website. But again, if you use the google analytics application on mobile or access it from pc, you may not need this. But you can install this on the client’s website to keep them updated.

Most of the beginners do make the mistake that they upload images without compressing it. This affects a lot in the loading speed of a WordPress website. Either you can compress images manually and upload (which I prefer in the first place) from TinyPNG or you can use the smush plugin. It will optimize your images. This plugin also has a great option called Lazy Load, which means your site will load completely with content and images will load afterward. In this way, you will not lose any user visiting your website.

You may want to collect data from a visitor so that you can use it for marketing purposes. Or you might want your visitors to contact you for any problem on the site. Well, this form can be used for multiple purposes. This will collect data from the visitor when they fill a form and send it to your inbox. A site generally should have one contact form for great user experience.

A cache plugin stores that data and loads the website even faster when the next time requested by visitors. E.g. if someone is loading your home page, again and again, the cache plugin will generate a cached version of the home page to the visitors, when they refresh again. In this way, the website loads faster. I have personally used Litespeed Cache and I loved the performance given by it.

Now, this is one of the wordpress plugins that comes preinstalled with WordPress. Many of us do not use this plugin and we simply delete this. But this plugin has a very important role in our site in protecting from spam comments. The Internet has infinite bots that will leave spammy comments on your website, this will identify them and prevent your site. 

Keep in mind that you cannot run a website without having the functionality of wordpress plugins. But always keep your website clean and simple with only necessary wordpress plugins for good loading speed.

So this is my list but I am sure you must have a list too. You may have worked with a plugin and found it very useful to be on the site. Share your favorite plugin that you think should be on the website for a healthy reason. Let’s see which plugin is the choice of people.

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