Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting For Your Website

Apart from themes and plugins, good hosting is essential for a website to run successfully. But there are a lot of options for the best WordPress hosting available in the market. Many of them are cheaper and some of them are costlier too. Now it is not necessary that a costly hosting will give a good performance or a cheaper hosting will give a poor performance or vice versa. But you do not need to bother at all.

best wordpress hosting

I have successfully tested 19 web hosting’s for around 60 days and I would like to share with you my results on different hosting’s. I had uploaded the same size website on every platform to make it a fair, non-biased, accurate test. I had used manage wp to watch their uptime. So if any site goes down, it notifies me that the site is down. And I had also used Pingdom to watch their performance and speed as well.

But the most common problem with the beginners is that during purchase if hosting shows you unlimited traffic, the bandwidth you get impressed and go for it. Here unlimited doesn’t mean that it is actually unlimited, they even mention this on their terms and services. So after a certain amount of limit, your website slows down and they force you to upgrade for a new plan. So choose wisely. Hope this list will help you.

Before we get started let us gather some information about important terms that will help us to choose a better option.

  1. Average Server Response Time: The time in which the website reaches the server. So anything around 1000 to 2000ms is decent. Anything above 2000ms or 2 seconds is not good at all.
  2. Average Downtime: The total time your website was down for 60 days (60 days is because I tested for 60 days).
  3. Good Load Time: Anything under 3 seconds is good but above that can affect your site in losing some visitors.
  4. Server Consistency: On a graph the loading consistency of a site.

So let us jump to the top 10 best WordPress hosting providers. Again these test results are from 60 days.

1) Green Geeks
Average Down Time – 31 Minutes
Average Server Response Time – 2000ms (2 seconds)
Load Time – 2.73 seconds
Server Consistency – Consistent
Recommended – Yes! A good choice.

2) A2 Hosting
Average Down Time – 2 Hours
Average Server Response Time – 2000ms (2 seconds)
Load Time – 2 seconds
Server Consistency – Consistent
Recommended – Yes.

3) Fast Comet
Average Down Time – 31 Minutes
Average Server Response Time – 3500ms (3.5 seconds)
Load Time – 2.24 seconds
Server Consistency – Inconsistent
Recommended – Neutral/Yes.

4) Site Ground
Average Down Time – 26 Minutes
Average Server Response Time – 1500ms (1.5 seconds)
Load Time – 1.87 seconds
Server Consistency – Consistent
Recommended – Yes! Great Pick.

5) Name Hero
Average Down Time – 4 Minutes
Average Server Response Time – 0.80 Seconds
Load Time – 1.19 seconds
Server Consistency – Consistent
Recommended – Yes! Great Pick

So these results were from the past 60 day’s performance. Since they are giving such good results, obviously they charge a good amount. But for something around 2 to 3 dollars extra, you will get a smooth running site.

Extending the list from 5 to 6 and the reason is that, after testing this hosting I got great results based on the price they offer.

6) Hostinger

If you are a beginner and do not have enough money to spend on domain and hosting, I have a great option for you. The cheapest best WordPress hosting I could find is Hostinger. I have personally used this one for one of my websites and the website is running smoothly with great results. Hostinger gives you free domain and SSL if you go for a 12 months plan.

So these were my test results. But I will be amazed to hear about your experience with the best wordpress hosting companies. Please share your thoughts in the comments about what you think? Which is the best one and why?

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