Me And Pixels is an online resource for learning about website designing. Here you will get all the necessary knowledge about a website designing process. Designing a website can be simple in today’s world when there are plenty of pre-built templates available on the internet for free. But don’t you want to have a unique design for yourself, a design that brings a happy look on your client’s face or even for you. Well, that’s possible only if you have the dedication and want to do hard work in your niche. So at MeAndPixels.com, you will get complete knowledge from the beginning.

WordPress a platform where you can do a lot of customization without having coding knowledge. Yes! That’s true. But you need to know the right elements to be used to create a website and that’s where MeAndPixels will help you. A good-looking website can be created with free elements for sure but if you want more customization, you may have to consider some paid elements, or either you should know some basic css coding. Here we will guide you with the best resource to choose for your website and why.

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